Monday, April 02, 2007


I spent the majority of the weekend in front of the TV, watching the LDS general conference and while I should have taken a few notes here and there, I stitched! I made some progress on Saturday on the original Bent Creek Snapperville. I also decided on Sunday that I would start the new Bent Creek Easter Snapperville chart. I did some thread conversions to some Crescent Colours and found some old Wichelt French Lace linen. So, I'm using a mix of WDW, TG, CC, and DMC for this one. It sure is fun. While I don't think I'll have it completed for Easter, my mother will certainly enjoy it when it IS finished.

And, for those of you who heard your grandmothers telling you that every stitch you put into a piece of cloth on the Sabbath will mean that you have to frog it with your nose in the afterlife... well, all I can say is I hope I have a hooked nose in the next life. I'm going to be busy!

I have a ton of homework to do tonight, while I keep one eye on the NCAA championship game. I really didn't want Florida in the final... that Noah guy is just a little too cocky for me. So, even though I don't love Ohio either, I'll be rooting for them. The good news is that I'm making more progress on tasks at work. I'll catch up with everything someday!

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