Saturday, February 24, 2007

New Stash

I'm just tickled that my package from Elegant Stitch has arrived. It came yesterday, and I received:

My Bee Safe chart by It's Fine-ally Finished
Fabric/Thread/Silk pack for My Bee Safe
Peacock Stitching Chair chart by Cat's Whisker's Designs
Pearl Grey belfast for Peacock Chair
Silk n' Colors "Royalty" for Peacock Chair
Silk Ribbon by Dinky Dyes for Peacock Chair
Whitman's Vintage Sewing Tin chart by Fancy Works with the tin
Christmas House chart by Brightneedle

I want to start them all NOW. If I can hold out, I'll finish the Carnation Sampler by Needle's Prayse, and then I think I'll start the Whitman tin set. I can't decide whether to do the Christmas House on 40 count, or over one on 28...

And, I've decided to sign up for Ellen Chester's class ( with the Swan Guild next May. I'll be there on Saturday to work on "A Needleworker's Sampler Huswif". I'm also ordering the extra kit available to all Swan members, "Friends in Stitches". I won't be ordering the scrimshaw pieces. I just can't justify the cost, especially when I have a woodshop where I can take a really nice piece of walnut or cherry and make a ruler or threadwinder. Who knows. I haven't even decided if I'll do the huswif or use the kit to just frame a sampler. I am thinking of changing the wording though. It's all a bit expensive, but I am so sick of school, and I figure that by May, I will want a day of stitching on something new!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Recent WIPs and a Purchase

My hands seem to be responding well to the heat packs, the drugs, and the wrist brace... and of course, I like to tempt fate. I know I promised I would be working on The Marriage of Minds, but I got bored, and I think I'm going to shoot for having that done in the year of my sister's anniversary... sounds fine to me! So, here are some of the most recent WIPs that I've been working on: This is just a wee beginning on the Victoria Sampler Christmas Village. And, here is how close I am to finishing Betsy: And, the latest one that I picked up a few days ago is Needle's Prayse Carnation Sampler. It's a smaller piece, to be sure, but it's deceiving, because of the specialty stitches in the dividing bands, etc. And, there's queen stitches in there too. The more I add, the more I like it. I've been stitching this with DMC on a little swatch of Lakeside Linen that I got in a grab bag from Silkweaver long ago. I hope that I can squeeze the remaining stitches on the bottom of this sampler. The fabric was small, and I knew I would be cutting it close and may need to leave a band off, or do some work in hand, and then hemstitch it. But, I liked the linen and was cheap too.

I also was able to get an older Needle's Prayse chart this past week. I think it's out of print. I really like it though, and it was a bargain. Of course, I think the person I purchased it from made a killing, since it looks like they picked it up from a bargain bin for 99 cents. It's the Honeysuckle Sampler. I'm tempted to start it, but I am on the plan to finish items in 2007!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Pay It Forward

I'm in... I think. I've left a comment on Annemiek's blog. I've been thinking about doing this for a while, and each time I see a blog entry on this topic, I'm just a tad late.

So, for all of you... ha! There's so few of you that read this... if you're interested, I will send a PIF item to the first five people that comment on this. I'm on the new blogger, so I hope you don't have trouble commenting. If you are on Legacy board, you can send me a message there. Anyway, first five people. The rule stands though. If you sign up for an item from me, you need to pay it forward by offering the same thing on your blog. It needs to be a crafted item though.

I wish there were a stash fairy

There are some wonderful pieces being released at the Nashville needlework market. I have high hopes to own many of them someday. My wish list includes the following so far:

1) The Cat's Whiskers Design Studio: "The Peacock Stitching Chair"
2) Crescent Colours: Some yummy new silks
3) Guilia Punti Antichi: "Queen Sofia's Sewing Bag and Chatelaine"
4) It's Fine-ally Finished: "My Bee Safe"
5) It's Fine-ally Finished: "Pineapple Fob"
6) It's Fine-ally Finished: "Ella's Slipper"
7) Little House Needleworks/Crescent Colours/Kelmscott Designs collaboration piece

These are just what I've heard about so far... Sheesh. Some of these have limited availability either on the chart/package, or on some of the supplies to finish them, so I guess I'll have to jump on those if I want them. I haven't listed these in any particular order, but I must say, I have to have the peacock chair. I will have it, I will have it, I WILL have it!

And, I am sorely tempted by the pieces that Ellen Chester will be bringing to the Swan Sampler Guild in May. Of course, I'm hoping that braces/gloves and medication will keep the pain in my hands at bay.

A small fini

I finished this Shepherd's Bush piece today. I had intended this for my sister's 2nd grade classroom. But, I like it so much, I may hang it in my office (I work at a local college -- soon to be University!)

I used Crescent Colours Razzleberry for the apple, and CC Bing Cherry for the border and heart. The two skeins I got for each of these were more alike than the model photo shows on the chart. But, I figure an apple is an apple, and I'm not going to quibble if my razzleberry was too dark!

I also used Gentle Art's Walnut for the apple stem, and the tip of the pencil, DMC 924 for the guidelines, and GA Gold Leaf for the pencil.