Friday, February 16, 2007

Recent WIPs and a Purchase

My hands seem to be responding well to the heat packs, the drugs, and the wrist brace... and of course, I like to tempt fate. I know I promised I would be working on The Marriage of Minds, but I got bored, and I think I'm going to shoot for having that done in the year of my sister's anniversary... sounds fine to me! So, here are some of the most recent WIPs that I've been working on: This is just a wee beginning on the Victoria Sampler Christmas Village. And, here is how close I am to finishing Betsy: And, the latest one that I picked up a few days ago is Needle's Prayse Carnation Sampler. It's a smaller piece, to be sure, but it's deceiving, because of the specialty stitches in the dividing bands, etc. And, there's queen stitches in there too. The more I add, the more I like it. I've been stitching this with DMC on a little swatch of Lakeside Linen that I got in a grab bag from Silkweaver long ago. I hope that I can squeeze the remaining stitches on the bottom of this sampler. The fabric was small, and I knew I would be cutting it close and may need to leave a band off, or do some work in hand, and then hemstitch it. But, I liked the linen and was cheap too.

I also was able to get an older Needle's Prayse chart this past week. I think it's out of print. I really like it though, and it was a bargain. Of course, I think the person I purchased it from made a killing, since it looks like they picked it up from a bargain bin for 99 cents. It's the Honeysuckle Sampler. I'm tempted to start it, but I am on the plan to finish items in 2007!


mhensley said...

your work is so beautiful. I really like the Needle's Prayse project. Those dolls are great!!
Feel better and Enjoy!!

StitchinManiac said...

Thanks Donna! The dolls are two in my collection from "Daddy's Long Legs" dolls by Karen Germany. I'm normally not a doll collector, but these caught my eye years ago, and I've accumulated quite a few.