Monday, January 29, 2007


I really don't like my advanced C# programming class... I've been reading the text for several hours now and it's all running together. So, I think I'll go stitch. It's already 11 pm, but I'm not going to get much more out of this book tonight. There's only so much I can cram into my brain at once. I did get a lot accomplished at work today, but my day tomorrow is filled with meetings, so it will be like taking a giant step backwards in the way of tasks being crossed off my list. Good thing I have a laptop with wireless, and I can work while I'm pretending to listen in those meetings that aren't as critical as what I actually have to get done!

And, I haven't stitched much in the past week. I watched the second half of Jane Eyre on Masterpiece Theatre (PBS) last night. This was a really good adaptation. I love Jane Eyre, and I knew I wouldn't even be able to concentrate on stitching, so I didn't even pick it up. That's amazing really. I did get some more homework done on the weekend too, but have a lot to do yet to be totally caught up. And it's only the beginning of the semester.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Progress and a Diversion

I did manage to stitch a bit on TMOM, and took a snapshot. The colors aren't quite right in this pic, but oh well. I'm not sure I'll get this one finished by my goal, since it's so huge. And, since I needed a diversion, I started SB's "Be Smart". I don't have a good pic of that one, so I'll post one later.

I have been looking at my list of WIPs and UFOs. It seems that there are a few that are so close, but I haven't had time to get them finished. They aren't a priority because they aren't set aside for a gift. Here is my list... the count is 41, with 8 of those complete (two framed, the rest awaiting finishing of some sort). These are in descending order for % completed and the list was created sometime in November.

La-D-Da, 2006 JCS Ornament - Christmas Cardinal COMPLETE
Country Cottage Needlework, 2006 JCS Ornament - House COMPLETE
Hands to Work, 2006 JCS Ornament - Rejoice COMPLETE
Merry Cox, A Lady's Sewing Roll (finish) COMPLETE
Just Another Button Company, Manger Scene COMPLETE
With My Needle, Tokens of Friendship and Love COMPLETE
Drawn Thread, Treasure Box Accessories COMPLETE
SANQ, Tree of Life Workbox (finish) COMPLETE
Drawn Thread, First Snow
Sheepish Designs, Betsy
Needle's Prayse, The Carnation Sampler
Prairie Schooler, Planting Kindness Sampler
SANQ, Judah Hayle Pinpillow
Chessie and Me, Liberty House Sampler
Told in a Garden, Strawberries Forever
Needle's Prayse, The Dogwood Sampler
Paula Vaughan, Wedding Ring quilt
Mary Garry's Sewing Cabin, Kreinik Remember the Ladies Needlecase
Shepherd's Bush, Be Smart COMPLETE
Theresa Wentzler, English Cottage Sampler
Better Homes & Gardens, Noah's Ark
Mirabilia, Angels Dwell Here
Elizabeth Designs, Climbing Rose Cottage
Country Cottage Needlework, Ladybugs and Bumblebees
Better Homes & Gardens, The Rose Garden
Drawn Thread, Garden Recipe
From the Heart, Needlecase
Accomplishments Shop, November Pansy Needlecase
Blackbird Designs, Summer House
Indigo Rose, Winter
Drawn Thread, Souvenir Sampler
Cross-Eyed Cricket, Halloween Pumpkin
Brightneedle, Pretty in Pink
Long Dog Designs, Mouline Rouge
Au Fil de Reves, Blue Flower Pinkeep
Shepherd's Bush, Cotswold Sampler
Drawn Thread, Holiday Tree
Drawn Thread, Marriage of Minds
Victoria Sampler, Utah Heart
Victoria Sampler, Christmas Village
Drawn Thread, The Good Neighbor

Monday, January 15, 2007

Stitching Focus

I've been working on The Drawn Thread's "The Marriage of Minds" sampler. I have a very aggressive goal for this one. I'm hoping to have it done for my sister's 20th anniversary, April 3rd. I know, I'm nuts. With school, work, home, church, etc. I don't know if I'll make it, but I've decided that if it's the only stitching thing I pick up -- barring a little sampler I need to do for my mom today -- I just might make it.

Here's my progress so far. I had about 80% of the tree done when I picked it up again January 1. I better pick up some speed.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

A favorite finish

I finished the stitching on this item a few months ago. It is Blackbird Design's "Star Sampler". It was quick, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I ordered a custom frame, since it's a small piece. The thread and fabric conversion is from Shepherd's Bush. I didn't like the original colors, but the SB conversion was just what I was looking for.