Saturday, February 24, 2007

New Stash

I'm just tickled that my package from Elegant Stitch has arrived. It came yesterday, and I received:

My Bee Safe chart by It's Fine-ally Finished
Fabric/Thread/Silk pack for My Bee Safe
Peacock Stitching Chair chart by Cat's Whisker's Designs
Pearl Grey belfast for Peacock Chair
Silk n' Colors "Royalty" for Peacock Chair
Silk Ribbon by Dinky Dyes for Peacock Chair
Whitman's Vintage Sewing Tin chart by Fancy Works with the tin
Christmas House chart by Brightneedle

I want to start them all NOW. If I can hold out, I'll finish the Carnation Sampler by Needle's Prayse, and then I think I'll start the Whitman tin set. I can't decide whether to do the Christmas House on 40 count, or over one on 28...

And, I've decided to sign up for Ellen Chester's class ( with the Swan Guild next May. I'll be there on Saturday to work on "A Needleworker's Sampler Huswif". I'm also ordering the extra kit available to all Swan members, "Friends in Stitches". I won't be ordering the scrimshaw pieces. I just can't justify the cost, especially when I have a woodshop where I can take a really nice piece of walnut or cherry and make a ruler or threadwinder. Who knows. I haven't even decided if I'll do the huswif or use the kit to just frame a sampler. I am thinking of changing the wording though. It's all a bit expensive, but I am so sick of school, and I figure that by May, I will want a day of stitching on something new!

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