Sunday, February 10, 2008

Slight Stash Enhancement

Well, yesterday was finally a beautiful day here in Utah. The snow storms have started coming at a slower pace and it seemed everyone was out of their homes in full force yesterday, enjoying the beautiful, crisp blue sky that caps the snow-covered mountain ranges around us. I decided it was a good time to run up to Salt Lake and get a set of scroll rods big enough for my Mary Busby quaker. I'm almost to the point that if I use the Q-Snaps anymore, some stitches will go under the clips. I don't want that to happen on this piece, with the Pearsall's silk, especially.

While at the Craft Center, I was able to see some fellow Swans, and to browse a bit. In addition to the scroll rods, I picked up a few other things... OH, you knew THAT was coming, didn't you! I decided it was time to buy the updated clamp for my lap stand. The clamp that came with mine has a more rectangle shape and has a hard time keeping longer scroll rods horizontal. They droop with the weight. The new clamp has more surface area that touches the scroll rod, and so it's supposed to hold better. We'll see. I also got LHN's "Home of a Needleworker (too!)". I have always looked at the first one LHN produced and for some reason, I didn't like it that much. But, I really like this new one, and so it came home with me, along with the CC threads for it.

I also picked up two fabric and thread kits for the new Drawn Thread freebie "All You Need is Love". I was so happy to see that Jamie had kitted these up. I really didn't want to purchase 7 skeins of Gloriana silk for a little freebie. I was planning to change the colors out. And, another fun thing the ladies at the Craft Center have done is to take the newly minted Utah state quarter and add very powerful magnets to them, to create a new needleminder! I got two. I could do this myself, but hey, they've done it for me, and I love them. I also picked up some needles there.

After we hit the craft center (my friend Cheryl was with me), we drove to Marie Callendar's and picked up some pies... mmm. And, then we stopped at the Hires Drive In and ate a meal that we shouldn't, but if you don't tell anyone I won't. We had Roquefort Bacon H Burgers, Root Beer, and Onion Rings with fry sauce.

After that stop, we headed to Pine Needles at Gardner Village. I just love this little shop. They used to be in a small little pioneer house in the village, but a few years ago they moved to a larger house on the property, and have expanded their quilting side of the business. They still carry a bit of cross stitch, as well as wool and punch needle supplies, but the bulk of their business is quilting now. They always have the cutest things, and they make me want to get the sewing machine out! I picked up Bird of a Feather's "Holiday Seasons", some R&R 36 ct light cappucino linen for my new LHN purchase, and some wool felt to have on hand for some existing projects.

They had the cutest pincushions made out of wool felt at the counter. One was a cupcake, another an ice cream sundae, and another was an easter egg. Very clever, and I guess they'll have classes for these. They always have the shop decorated for the season, and there are lots of options for the person who likes a bit of every needle art. I picked up one of their own productions which is a little pillow with a stitched insert (I'm stitching it now) for my mother for Valentine's Day.

What a fun day! I'm still waiting for more votes on my choice of project. I suppose if I posted more often, I'd have more people checking my blog!

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