Friday, February 08, 2008

Help Me Decide

With Nashville Market releases making me all excited for new stash, and recent purchases of the Mary Busby quaker repro and other fine things, I think I need some help in determining just where I'll put my money first. I really shouldn't order everything at once! So, I borrowed a trick from Melissa and have added the following poll:

Vote and help me decide what my stash purchasing priorities ought to be. Know that I usually purchase the threads if there is a package discount. But, what I want to know is this: what would you pick to purchase for your stash first? I have too many WIPs right now, so although I'll be tempted to start what I buy, I will try to have some self control in that area. Oh, and I guess I was typing really fast and re-named the new HRH chart in the poll. I wonder what CHS would come up with for SHORTS of Hawk Run Hollow? Could be pretty funny...

Let me know by voting!

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