Thursday, February 14, 2008

Oh... I so need a stitching weekend!

I am really looking forward to the small amount of time I'll have this weekend to stitch. It is a three-day weekend, but I will be spending the majority of my time with the youth in my church/ward at a youth conference. We'll have a speaker/dinner and then dance on Friday night, service projects, workshops and a late night at the recreation center on Saturday, and then we're heading up to Salt Lake to be at the Mormon Tab broadcast early in the morning on Sunday. Afterwards, we'll have a lunch and there will be a special speaker. I do enjoy the time I spend with the youth. They are great. I'll be really tuckered out when it's all over though!

I finished my mom's little Valentine gift late last night. I found a cute pillow/insert pattern for her at Gardner Village last Saturday. She was thrilled. And, she said, "Wow, this was a sacrifice for you... to stitch on that kind of fabric." You see the kit came with 18 count Aida cloth. I didn't switch it out, because I didn't have a Jobelan or something more substantial than linen that would hold up in the little pillow insert. So, she knows me well. It was a sacrifice. My fingers will appreciate stitching on linen once more this weekend.

And, she surprised me this morning in my lunch (don't I have a great mom... I really am an adult, but it's so nice to have her around still). She put in a handmade card, and a little handmade paper box that was filled with chocolate. And, she asked when I'd be home tonight from school. She has a nice steak dinner planned!

Who needs a husband? Okay, well, I know having two women in the house sharing the same kitchen can sometimes be hard... but if I have to go it alone and be a single person, I'm sure glad she's around to help me out! And, it works out for her too. She is retired and I am able to support us.

Oh, and I'm so excited! I am trading a chart with Jacque in Missouri. She has DT's Holiday Hearts, which I've been looking for and I am sending her DT's American Spot sampler via Elegant Stitch. I just completed the order. Of course, I had to add a few more things for myself from market. When they arrive, I'll report on my new stash! I did also order a little late Valentine's day present for a friend who's been away from the stitching world for too long. While shopping on Saturday, she saw a chart she liked, so I am having the ES magic ladies send her the chart with threads and fabric as well. She'll just have to start stitching a bit more now!

Sorry no pics today. I'm away from my camera. And, my home computer is on the blink a bit. I hope to fix that tonight for good!

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